CW Skimmer

CW Skimmer 2.1

Decodse and analyzes multi-channel data
Access and decode the multi-channel signals from radio stations, read Morse code, check CW transmissions, etc. The suite has control options for starting and stopping decyphering along with multiple options for analysis based on Bayesian statistics algorithms.

CW Skimmer features a very sensitive CW decoding algorithm based on the methods of Bayesian statistics; simulatneous decoding of ALL cw signals in the receiver passband - up to 700 signals can be decoded in parallel on a 3-GHz P4 if a wideband receiver is used.
There is a fast waterfall display, with a resolution sufficient for reading Morse Code dots and dashes visually.
The callsigns are extracted from the decoded messages, and the traces on the waterfall are labeled with stations' callsigns.
The extracted callsigns are exported as DX cluster spots via the built-in Telnet cluster server.
There is a DSP processor with a noise blanker, AGC, and a sharp, variable-bandwidth CW filter; an I/Q Recorder and player.
Note that only 3 kHz of spectrum can be decoded and viewed on the waterfall display if a 3-kHz radio is used.

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